As cyber-crime costs the global economy hundreds of billions of dollars per annum, AN International is doing something to counteract the threat and help you address cybersecurity. We have invested heavily in Information Resilience, boosting our global expertise, and now have a full range of solutions to support you to manage cybersecurity threats. From best practice frameworks and cyber essentials to penetration testing, incident response, and certified training courses, we can help you meet your cybersecurity requirements. Both Businesses and individuals are concerned about their safety online as a  constant threat of hackers, Identity theft, online fraud, and phishing looms over us. We at AN International have extended our support to our clients and are now providing cyber security from every kind of threat in the online world.

Work approach of our Cyber Security Expert 

  • Guard all company data, susceptible data, from both internal and external threats by designing broad defenses against would-be intruders

  • Take the lead on day-to-day monitoring for unusual activities, implement defensive protocols, and report incidents.

  • Collaborate with other members of the cybersecurity team to develop new protocols, layers of protection, and other both proactive and defensive systems that stay one step ahead of cybercriminals

  • Maintain security guidelines, procedures, standards, and controls documentation

  • Maintain a working knowledge of current cybercrime tactics

  • Collect data on existing security measures for risk analysis and write regular systems-status reports

  • Constantly monitor for attacks and run appropriate defensive protocols if breaches occur

  • Conduct vulnerability testing to identify weaknesses and collaborate with the cybersecurity team to update defensive protocols as necessary

  • Configure anti-virus systems, firewalls, data centers, and software updates with a security-first mindset

  • Grant credentials to authorized users, monitor access-related activities, and check for unregistered information changes

  • Help lead client training against phishing and other forms of cyber attack


Cybersecurity specialists in our company play a key role in securing information systems. Cybersecurity specialists protect clients' systems from cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities by monitoring, detecting, investigating, analyzing, and responding to security events.

Our Cybersecurity specialists also work with Client IT teams dedicated to protecting the integrity of the business's network and data. Traditionally, network operations and IT technology supplemented the core business. But increasingly, the success of a business relies on the success and capability of its network.

Different types of Cyber Threats Online


Threats How it harms our System
Malware Block access to key network components (ransomware)
Install additional harmful software
Covertly obtain information by transmitting data from the hard drive (spyware)
Disrupt individual parts, making the system inoperable
Emotet The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) describes Emotet as “an advanced, modular banking Trojan that primarily functions as a downloader or dropper of other banking Trojans. Emotet continues to be among the most costly and destructive malware.
Denial of Service A denial of service (DoS) is a type of cyber attack that floods a computer or network so it can’t respond to requests. A distributed DoS (DDoS) does the same thing, but the attack originates from a computer network. Cyber attackers often use a flood attack to disrupt the “handshake” process and carry out a DoS. 
Phishing Phishing attacks use fake communication, such as an email, to trick the receiver into opening it and carrying out the instructions inside, such as providing a credit card number.
SQL Injection A Structured Query Language (SQL) injection is a type of cyber attack that results from inserting malicious code into a server that uses SQL. When infected, the server releases information. Submitting the malicious code can be as simple as entering it into a vulnerable website search box.
Password Attacks With the right password, a cyber attacker has access to a wealth of information. Social engineering is a type of password attack that Data Insider defines as “a strategy cyber attackers use that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking people into breaking standard security practices.” Other types of password attacks include accessing a password database or outright guessing.


With such dreadful online threats, you need protective armor in this digital world to protect yourself from them. AN International guarantees protection against all online threats, and our team of experts in cyber security protects your data from both internal and external threats.

Our five primary protection plan guideline

Safety — a reliable copy of your data is always available and free from all false information and malicious threats.

Accessibility: Data is available from any physical location, at any time, without any inconvenience.

Privacy: Full control and transparency over who can view and access your data and no misuses from any party.

Authenticity: D Backed up data is an exact, unmodified replica of the original data, and no additional false information is added. 

Security: Data, apps, and systems are protected against cyber threats at all times.

We continuously work on the five vectors mentioned above of cyber security to ensure complete safety for our Client's online System. Continuous Threats looms over everyone in this online digital world but having AN International at your backend, you can always be carefree about protecting your data. Our work of trustworthiness and fulfillment guarantees online protection, safety, and security at all times from any virus, malware, hackers, and phishing emails and forwards.